Praxis für Zahnheilkunde
Thomas Nordbruch
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Implantologisch ttige Zahnarztpraxis
Early practice pays off….

Children require special care. They should be comfortable with the idea of going to the dentist and be able to trust that their rights will be respected. We want your child to enjoy dental visits and develop an interest in what happens during them.

As soon as the first tooth has erupted, it is time to introduce your youngster to regular dental check-ups and care. Baby teeth are different than adult teeth, having softer, more sensitive enamel. A specialized body of knowledge within the field of dentistry has developed to govern their care. The earlier that you and your child take precautions against tooth decay, the lesser the risk of future disease and damage.

We provide a child-friendly environment in which we care for our youngest patients with patience and sensitivity, doing our utmost so that they will feel safe and secure.
If you also visit the dentist once a year, your child learns that regular check-ups are necessary and important. Preventative care and prophylaxis is as necessary for a curious child, as it is for an adult.
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